About Me

Hello, My name is Anna Hwang. I am a Korean-Canadian UX designer who likes to solve problems by thinking outside the box — especially using Miro, Figma, XD, HTML, CSS, and JS.

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My story

My name is Anna, and I am a User Experience and Interface Designer based in Toronto, Ontario. Every product that I design is carefully thought out and aimed at providing the user with a pleasant, engaging, and intuitive experience.

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If I’m not designing, you’ll be sure to catch me playing tennis, golf, boxing, snowboarding, or playing Nintendo switch. In fact, my passion for games is a major influence in my work when I design. I am incredibly fascinated by the concept of gamification, and it’s something that I try to incorporate in my UX case studies.

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Want to know more?

Let’s grab some coffee in person or hop on a Zoom call. Or, if you live a busy life, feel free to email me at annaikhwang@gmail.com