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UX/UI Designer
FE Developer
2 Weeks
Google Forms, Figma, Miro, Adobe Illustrator, Zoom, Slack, Trello, Github, Visual Studio Code.


Sportally is an online platform that connects athletes who want to play sports at any level. Sportally's profile will summarize your sports experience and connect you with other athletes nearby, or you can even host own event for users to join. Through your profile, you will be able to showcase your athletic background, goals, and interests.



Have you ever had a problem finding a partner when trying to play a Sport?

Well, I've experienced this first hand during the pandemic. For the past 10 years, I have always had a new year's resolution to exercise and adopt a healthier lifestyle. So finally, this year, I started boxing, tennis, and golf, which requires you to play with a partner, and whenever I wanted to play spontaneously, I could never find a partner. Either my friends were busy with work or had other plans, so I found myself constantly making an excuse not to be active. So I wanted to dig deeper into this problem space to figure out if others were also having the same problem, so I could develop an idea to fix my problem.

Interview Plan

Background: We found a group of athletes who were frustrated that they couldn’t find people to play sports with, which led us to the idea of creating a platform for people to find Sports and play together wherever they are. 

Goals: We want to solve the problem of not knowing anyone in the area by providing a platform to get athletes together to play sports, wherever they are.

Survey Results

We created an online survey to determine people's motivations and pain points when they are trying to play sports. Based on our results, we felt that the key takeaways were :


To get started on an idea of who Sportally's users are, we used everything we have learned from our initial research to create a proto-persona.

Affinity Diagram

This is our Affinity Diagram. We have grouped our findings from our user interviews into these 9 core themes. I was actually surprised to find out that almost everyone played some sort of sports and most of them played various sports.They also liked to track their sports activity, they enjoy training with other people, and most of them struggled to find partners to play with consistently due to scheduling conflicts. 

We have summarized 2 important main pain points from user interviews.


Brainstorm and Ideation Process

After conducting the user research interviews, we were able to brainstorm and ideate what our potential users will be looking for when they open our app.

User Scenario

User Persona

Competitive Analysis

We researched direct and indirect competitors to market research and observe if there is a market gap we can fulfill.

User Flows


Lo-Fi Wireframe Sketches

Using my understanding of the user, our goals, the architecture, and the user’s interaction with the app, I made informed decisions on how to design Sportally's screens by sketching low-fidelity wireframes in Figma.

Usability Testing Results

UI Style Tile

FE Development

We used HTML and CSS to develop our final prototype of choosing the user’s favorite sports page.

Hi-Fi Prototype

Taking my revised wireframes, I now worked on creating the high-fidelity prototype. With Sportally's objectives defined, I worked on making the user flow as intuitive and easy as possible.




· Building out the inbox workflow for accepting and declining events

· Ability to bookmark and favorite events 
· Ability to sync your Sportally events with the personal calendar of your choice