Design, write, edit, test and develop prototype and content that meets client's needs and requirement for their users.
UX/UI Designer
3 Month
Google Forms, Figma Pro, Miro, Adobe Illustrator, Zoom, Slack, Trello

UPC Boho

UPC Boho is a PPE suit company based in South Korea. They had a plan to expand their business in the North American market. I designed their website layout and any vertical translation needed to enter the North American market.

Due to an NDA, I cannot disclose any research information publicly, but I can discuss the design process with future employers. I apologize for any inconvenience.

UX/UI Process

We used Miro and InVision to gather information and work with other members to sort the information we collected from our initial research, and then I used XD or Figma to wireframe, build lo-fi or hi-fi prototypes, and finally Trello to record our backlogs and Zoom for user research.